Hydrographic Surveying Vessels


cindy marie

M/V Cindy Marié is the latest addition to the Chustz Surveying Fleet. Joining the fleet in the summer of 2010 the boat is a 28’-6” LOA survey platform for both inland and coastal waterway use. This boat was designed and custom built to CSI’s direct specifications as a survey vessel conforming to all of the requirements of the most current hydrographic survey standards.  The frame structure complies with USCG 33 CFR Subchapter “I” Cargo Vessel regulations and all fuel systems are USCG approved as per USCG 33 CFR.  This is CSI’s second bathymetry-terrestrial Lidar vessel.  With its oversized moon pool and sensors located at the vessels center of buoyancy, this survey boat puts into practice all of the most current technical guidelines on hydrographic survey requirements.  Through the use of industry standard attachment points, all sensors and systems can be interchanged depending on the project requirements. With a fully climate controlled cabin, the system can accommodate multiple sensor applications.  High resolution Sidescan, Singlebeam, Multibeam and Terrestrial Lidar surveys can be conducted simultaneously with this vessel. The Cindy Marié is named after owner, Jimmy Chustz’s late sister, Cindy Marié Chustz (1960 – 2005).


jules oreste

M/V Jules Oreste was custom built for CSI in 2007, per CSI specifications and designed to work as a multi-use survey platform. She is a 28’ vessel fully equipped to perform Multibeam, Single Beam, 3D Terrestrial Lidar and Sidescan Surveys. The Multibeam system as a 210° swath width option, allowing the operator to open the beams to 105° for bank line passes to collect bathymetry up to the water’s edge. All sensor mounts have been built in such a way as to provide for direct Static GPS surveys to be collected on a fixed Calibration Mount, resulting in a GPS Geodetic Network on all Sensor mounts. This removes all the guess work and tape measuring to obtain approximate sensor offsets, resulting in highly accurate survey data. The Jules Oreste is named after owners, Jimmy and Tammy Chustz’s late son, Jules Oreste Chustz (Jan. 1987 – Mar. 1987).



M/V Stella is a 20’ vessel that was built in 2007 to specifically solve the problems associated with performing Automated DGPS Multibeam Surveys in shallow waters such as city canals, bayous and coastal areas. In the past, this data was collected with Automated and Conventional Hydrographic Systems and merged with the Multibeam data. To the developers here at CSI, this was not the best way to acquire this data so the M/V Stella was born on the idea of developing a rugged system to collect Multibeam data that could be merged with the remaining open water Multibeam thus creating a more complete data surface. The Stella is named after Chustz Surveying’s first employee, Paul Wesley Stelly (1973 - 2003).


tammy jo

M/V Tammy Jo is a 24’ vessel that was custom built for CSI in January of 2002, per CSI specifications, designed to work as a Multibeam platform but also retain the shallow draft requirements necessary to perform Single Beam surveys.  During construction, consultants from the Multibeam manufacturer were brought in and worked with the boat fabricator to insure that all construction centered around the Multibeam systems optimum performance requirements. This boat is frequently upgraded with the latest Multibeam technology available to provide clear and precise data. The Tammy Jo, like all CSI boats, was proudly hand built here in Louisiana. The Tammy Jo is named after owner, Tammy Jo Chustz.


shannia nichole

M/V Shainna Nicole is a 20’ vessel that was built in January of 2000 to provide Single Beam Automated DGPS Hydrographic Surveys to the New Orleans District on the Mississippi Atchafalaya and Red Rivers Revetments. Since that time the boat has gone through several upgrades.  With the Research and Development work completed by CSI in 2007 and 2008 the M/V Shainna Nicole has now grown into a more powerful asset than its previous role of Shore Control Crew Boat and Single Beam DGPS Automated Hydro Boat, although it is still used for these surveys when required. As with all of our boats she is configured to tow CSI’s dual frequency sidescan but, in addition to this we have duplicated all mounting hardware to allow for quick and easy mobilization of CSI’s Shallow Water Multibeam System. When deployed in this dual purpose role, the equipment package is complete, providing both DGPS Automated Multibeam and Single Beam Hydrographic Equipment capabilities. Due to the lighter displacement of the boat it is ideally suited for work in the remote areas, where existing boat launching facilities are sometimes compromised. The Shainna Nicole is named after owners, Jimmy and Tammy Chustz’s daughter, Shainna Nicole Chustz.


jullian alexander

M/V Julian Alexander is a 24’ survey vessel that was initially constructed in 1997 as specified by Chustz Surving to provide Automated Single Beam DGPS Hydrographic Surveys, Overbank Surveys and other water work required. This boat has been used successfully over the years and has been indispensable in the Mississippi River due to its rugged construction (1/4 inch hull). In 2002, CSI developed the Hydro Beam System to assist in the acquisition of data beneath barges and docks.  The Hydro Beam system was a good transition tool to the modern development of CSI’s Multibeam systems of today.   The Hydro Beam System was then replaced with a more advanced system, combining Multibeam Bathymetry with Terrestrial Lidar. This boat with the new system allows CSI to optimize the total data collection package and illustrates the dedication to research and development. The Julian Alexander is named after owners, Jimmy and Tammy Chustz’s son, Julian Alexander Chustz.