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A Leader in the Surveying Industry

Chustz Surveying, Inc. is a distinguished surveying firm that delivers exceptional products through a client oriented approach, cutting-edge technology and the ability to utilize new ways of thinking. We accomplish this by using the latest surveying equipment, processes and tools available to accelerate every job to a level of excellence.

Specializing in multibeam and LiDAR surveying, we are one of the nation’s top firms. Our highly skilled surveyors are proficient in conducting conventional land surveys, including GPS and Terrestrial Surveys, mapping and high quality hydrographic surveys. We have established ourselves as innovators in our field by constantly developing new methods to collect quality data and investing in the most advanced surveying equipment available. Our principle of hard work and attention to detail, combined with the industry’s latest technology allows us to not only meet, but exceed the needs of our clients.

Able to assist pipeline and utility suppliers, other mapping and engineering firms, or anyone who is in need of hydrographic or topographic surveying services, Chustz Surveying is available on a local, state and national level. We also work closely with Federal Agencies and Government contractors that have surveying needs in Louisiana and Mississippi. Please contact us directly with any questions, or to discuss your individual project personally. We will work to exceed all project requirements as well as your own expectations.